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XT60 Plug Features

1, and resistance big current in recent years, electric model development quickly, on power of desire more is growing, battery of discharge performance increasingly good, electronic Governor of bear current capacity also increasingly high, General t type plug has cannot completely meet die friends are of needs, XT60 plug can is good of bear huge of power output, according to plug using of metal components different, its current tolerance capacity can from 50A-120A Zhijian changes, basically can meet most power electric model of needs.

2, plug easily, XT60 is a combination of a cylindrical Plug and plug a lot easier, and ability to withstand the current change is not received, and even promoted tolerance.

3, and security convenient we usually using of t type plug, power line welding finished Hou are is using hot shrink Guan Lai on power of plus or minus very welding points up to insulation of role, but we vigorously plug pulled t plug of when, is easy not carefully will hot shrink tube to pulled down, at if power short-circuit words will will very of dangerous, XT60 on no this troubles, is easy plug pulled, finger worked as of place in plug Shang, and non-power line Shang, and welding points of place also has a round slot, hot shrink tube can in-depth that slot in the, After the heat-shrinkable solder had better protection, more safety.

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