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Wire Connectors Knowledge Description

Wire connector is a beam with cable outlet, all sensing terminals using a dedicated interface, control computer ECU and all external parts are connected by connector on the ECU, harness signals through the use of line in connectors. You could say, in electric vehicle control computer ECU control center, wiring harness is the neural network control system, then the wire harness connector is circuit of the relay station. However, the connectors in addition to ease of installation, wiring and accurate outside in use also fails, and the most common failure was poor contact resulting in "network" signal disruption, directly affecting the performance of electric vehicles a good play. Wires and connectors circuit breaker

Wires and connectors circuit breaker failure may be due to broken wire, bad contact of the connector, the connector Terminal loose making.

Due to line break in the middle of the fault is very rare, mostly on the connector is disconnected, so checks should focus on carefully check the sensor and connect along wires, loose and poor contact.

Fault caused by poor contact between connector circuit breaker, is often due to corrosion of the connector ends to, outside dirt entering the terminals or connected socket, resulting in a reduced contact pressure. At this point, as long as the connector is removed, reinstall plug in again to change its connection to enable it resume normal contact.

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