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Terminal Market In China Is The First Quality

Ministry of machinery industry policy and regulations Division, China Electric Industry Association said Xing Yujiu, we "Eleven-Five" during the electrical industry has been the development of high speed, high level, electrical equipment industry is developing very fast, and a very high level. Our current total installed capacity has reached 900 million-kilowatt, what is this concept? After the United States, United States is more than more than 1 billion a year, for 4 consecutive years in the development of high speed, each year, 100 million-kilowatt power equipment installation, of 100 million-kilowatt and this year the demand for power generation equipment installed on Terminal coupled with the needs of other industries demand for terminals, terminal blocks will fall short of demand, which is in the history of electric power construction is unprecedented.

Three years of continuous 100 million-kilowatt output has to worry about, can't do this quickly, you should slow down. But with we economic of development, and user of needs also to, so we had to according to contract reproduction, so continuous 4 years to 5 years, annual are is 100 million-kilowatt of production, this speed is fast of, wiring terminal must matter followed this market footsteps to caters to market of needs, and level also to high, face such of speed and high, wiring terminal of quality shut will will became first.

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