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Silicone Wire Visual Inspection

Silicone Wire Visual inspection

What are the steps in the silicone line inspection? What exactly is it?

Silica gel line inspection: the need to fill the copper wire spool down to the packaging table, with a hand holding a white paper placed in the position from the copper 1-2cm, the other hand the copper wire spool Rolling for a week, whether the appearance of the following criteria:

    1) smooth surface, no black line, no chaos line, no pitting, no oxidation, no flower, no scratch bumps, no tin bad (sticky tin, tin leakage), no slash, No fingerprints.

    2) Silicone cable line is good, uniform, no heap, edge (low side edge or both sides of both sides of the low side), no shares.

    3) moderate tension, but loose or too tight.

    4) After rolling the surface of the copper wire without sticky phenomenon (over full)

Rubber cable conductor protection layer to take semi-conductive rubber material processing. Conductor protective layer to take around the production, surrounded by the way the production of protective layer than the package produced by the double creamy no rise, easy to enhance the average electric field effect. The thickness of the conductor protective layer is derived from two aspects: one is to ensure that the surrounding protective layer of the protective layer of the appearance of creamy, because the mining rubber cable generally take fine copper wire way mine cable, which can not In the tight, the twisted strand of the wire there is a certain level of stranded wire, these high and low dissatisfied with the low-voltage cable electrical function is not much trouble, but for high-voltage cable just led to the electric field strength is not even, can only rely on Surround or wrap the conductor protective layer to lift its interference, but too thin conductor protective layer thickness is difficult to achieve in the process; other, from an economic point of view, although the conductor protective layer thickening process is compared Easy to achieve, but the insulation thickness of the silicone wire for each additional 1 mm will make the cable into the cable diameter increased by 4.3 mm, followed by a significant increase in the utilization of the material layer will bring a large cost of cable manufacturing costs Range promotion. In the reference scale are proposed "semi-conductive layer of the calculation of thickness control in 0.7 mm or so, the actual thickness of the audit." Taking into account the above two factors, it is appropriate to take these two scales with the same thickness of the conductor protective layer. With reference to this condition, the 6 / 10kv mine rubber cable also proposed a conductor protection layer calculated thickness control 2 mm below the actual production thickness is also in accordance with 0.7 mm in control, but not as a hard quality indicators in the control Of the skill conditions.

What are the lines of the silicone wire that can not meet the following criteria?

Chroma decoder quality will affect the quality of the screen or the TV screen, of course, the quality of the S-terminal line will affect its signal output is good or bad. So the S-terminal line is also a key factor in determining the quality of the picture quality.

So why should the chrominance signal and the luminance signal be separated from the s-terminal line? This is mainly to better control the imaging screen, which also ensures the output quality of the s-terminal line.

Silicone wire processing manufacturers for the characteristics of the s-terminal line on the above content, and hope to help you to further understand the terminal line.

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