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Silicone Wire Quality And Performance

Silicone Wire Quality and performance

With the development of security industry, security products continue to upgrade, new products and new technologies frequently come out, security silicone wire manufacturers increasing. But the security of silicone wire market threshold is lower, jerry-building caused by fake and shoddy phenomenon is widespread. Silicone wire as a basic construction products, product production and testing are mostly fixed equipment, technical content is not high. Insiders said that the current state of the individual factory is not much limit, resulting in the domestic workshop type of silicone wire factory wide range exists, and even some manufacturers have not been registered, and no relevant product testing certificate and quality inspection report, the basic product On the local market in a low-cost way to sell, can not guarantee product quality and performance reliability, which gave the project and the use of units brought great losses. At the same time, due to rising raw material prices, some poor manufacturers in order to reduce the cost, and even the use of copper clad aluminum, recycled copper and other materials instead of oxygen-free phenomenon.

Silicone wire is good or bad to identify, the real test is the need for specialized equipment and equipment. In engineering practice, the following methods can be used to identify:

1, PVC jacket: the surface can be seen inside the compilation of a regular "uneven", indicating that the processing technology is good, will not produce a relatively sliding, is a good cable; appearance smooth, Roughness ", pinch the jacket with a loose feeling, is poor cable.

2, check the shield layering: the number is enough, copper mesh, check the solderability, tinned copper scraping to see inside is not copper, aluminum-magnesium alloy line hardness is significantly greater than copper; Uneven distribution, and the insulation layer is not tight, such as poor cable.

3, check the core: diameter --- SYV cable 0.78 to 0.8mm, SYWV cable is 1.0mm; recently appeared a SYV75-5 core diameter is 1.0mm cable, the characteristic impedance of this cable, certainly not 75 ohms, not applied to 75 ohm transmission system.

4, check the core and the insulation of the adhesive force: oblique cut insulation layer, according to the direction of stripping the core line to see the core and insulation layer there is no bonding process materials; good cable has a greater adhesion, poor cable No glue. Longitudinal tensile test: take one meter cable, layered stripping core, insulation, shielding, outer jacket, the remaining 10 cm long. Method is: two hands respectively, the cable adjacent to the two layers, in the opposite direction to pull; good cable general force can not move, poor cable can be easily pulled out.

More than a few security silicone wire identification points are mainly visual appearance identification, such as more in-depth identification of the need for a certain tool or equipment testing, such as transmission performance testing, oscilloscope measurement and other detection methods to identify.

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