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Silicone Wire Low Temperature Resistance

Silicone Wire Low temperature resistance

Silica gel wire has excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, excellent electrical insulation performance, excellent chemical stability, high voltage, aging and long service life. It is flexible and easy to install. This product has good anti-acid, anti-alkali and anti-fungal properties. It has the ability to withstand hot and humid environment and can tolerate a variety of oils, while the cable has good softness, and it has the advantages of waterproof and pressure resistance.

The company adopts the advanced ERP management system to realize the information network management and humanized management. At the same time, the advanced production equipment and inspection instruments are introduced, and the powerful technical force is used to unite a group of skilled people with practical experience. Its reliable quality and reputation won the trust and support of the majority of customers.

In the extrusion process of silicone wire, the change of material assembly state and the viscosity of the resolution material activity depend on the temperature, so temperature is the main technical parameter in the plastic extrusion technology. Dongguan silicone thread

Because the temperature affects the melt process and the activity of the melt, the extrusion temperature is closely related to the quality of the extrusion technology products. It is pointed out that the low temperature extrusion has the following advantages: it is easy to stick to the shape of the plastic layer. Because the heat energy is smaller in the packed layer, the cooling time is shortened. In addition, low temperature will reduce the degradation of plastic, which is very important for polychloro-ethylene. The silicone wire

But the extrusion temperature is too low, can cause the packing layer to lose the luster, and present ripple, irregular fracture and so on; Other low temperature, plastic melting zone extending from homogenization section is mixed with solid material in the melt, the molten material not molding and melt together with the products, its influence is self-evident. The influence of temperature on the physical properties of the product is complex. The tensile strength of the insulating layer of silicone wire and vinyl is related to the extrusion temperature, which corresponds to the best extrusion temperature of the maximum tensile strength. The extrusion temperature of progressive low density polyethylene sheath can improve the stress cracking strength. But it should also be pointed out that the extrusion temperature is too high, which can make the plastic coke burn, or show the "skid" scene; The temperature of other silicon wire is high, the shape stability of the packing layer is poor, the shortening rate is added, and even the color of the extruded plastic layer is changed and the bubbles appear.

With the development of the society, housing construction in the electrical system has become increasingly complex, for usage and usage increased wire and cable, wire and cable pipe freely crisscross, dotted in the building, brings the most convenience to our life. But because of the unsafe use of power lines and the lack of people's safety awareness, there is also a growing incidence of wire and cable fires.

But the service life of the cantonese electric wire cable is five times as long as that of the general electric wire. We are second in the quality first price, and we should not cut corners to make it better.

Copper is used 99.99% to import non-oxygen copper, anti-aging high conductivity, and greatly reduced line loss.

Silica gel we are environmental silica gel, have anti - acid - alkali - resistant oil - resistant anti - mildew resistance and other properties.

There is also high strength plastic insulation, the new material is easy to dissipate, reduces the resistance, the fireproof waterproof does not leak electricity.

It is one of the most ideal choices for your purchase.

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