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Silicone Wire Internal Connection

Silicone Wire Internal connection

There is a well-known "Gresham's Law" in economics, also known as "bad money to drive good money" law. From the consumer's point of view, apparently do not want to see in the wire and cable industry, "bad money" flooding. For the development of this industry status, Shenzhen Jinlong Yu Group CEO Zheng Yonghan suggested to strengthen consumer guidance, improve the user's quality and safety awareness, to promote the use of high quality GB genuine, to teach consumers to identify false, refused to buy inferior products. Shenzhen Boda Kang Group, president of the electrical industry Guo Tingke also hold the same view, he also called on enterprises to operate integrity, product quality and quantity. Regulatory departments should increase the manufacture and sale of fake and shoddy products and undocumented production behavior to crack down on efforts to improve the efficiency of law enforcement. On the cable business, may consider the implementation of security level certification system, qualification assessment, and as a basis for participation in the project tender conditions, so that "good money" prevalent in the city.

It can be said that the current cable industry, China's many traditional manufacturing industry is facing a common problem, the threshold is not high, the enterprise varies greatly, the market concentration is low, similar products, price war, market disorder and so on. The industry believes that, according to the actual experience of foreign industry development and other industries practice and lessons learned, China's wire and cable industry in urgent need to integrate the scale of production capacity in a certain area of industrial agglomeration to encourage enterprises to implement product differentiation, technological innovation and brand strategy.

Silicone wire

1. Silicone high temperature line is made of high quality silicone rubber and high purity tinned copper wire. With high and low temperature, insulation and so on. Widely used in household appliances, lighting, industrial machinery, electric products and other high-temperature places wiring. Special soft silicone wire is generally used for electronic, electrical equipment, internal wiring, such as motor, different from the general wire. Common models are UL3135 cited wire, UL3239 special soft silicone line, the new type of wire.

2. Silicone high temperature line of the rated temperature is relatively high, the basic up to 150 ℃ ~ 300 ℃, rated voltage of 600V or so, using silicone rubber insulation material, uniform insulation thickness, easy to peel and cut to the vibration wire UL3239 as an example Rated temperature of 150 ℃ rated voltage is 3KV-50KV DC voltage;

3. Applicable to long-term allowable operating temperature of + 180 ℃ cable below the ambient temperature range of not less than -60 ℃ use, used in power generation, metallurgy, chemical industry and other high-temperature environment, electrical appliances between the electrical connection. Electrical wiring, electronic equipment, electric products, heavy machinery, electrical installation, industrial machinery, electric products and other high-temperature places for wiring and for microwave ovens, fax machines, printers, copiers, scanners and other machines within the cable and Instrumentation, motor wiring and electronics, gas and other high-temperature environment.

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