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Silicone Wire Intact Industrial System

Silicone Wire Intact industrial system

China's silicone line industry started in 1990, when 90% of the fiber through imports, until 1995, domestic companies began to import optical fiber preforms for wire drawing, fiber imports began to gradually decline in share. Since 1998, China's silicone line company began to build optical fiber prefabricated bar factory, but to carry out slow until 2011 to complete a larger change, the domestic optical fiber preforms to complete mass production. Today, China's silicone line industry has been open to international planning, and 2013 is expected to become China's silicone line industry overseas expansion of the first year.

  November 22, organized by the China Communications Corporation Association, "2011 China Telecom photoelectric silicon wire industry summit and commendation meeting" grand opening, the theme of the summit "transformation promotion, independent innovation, relying on domestic, to the international", which The meeting brought together the Ministry of Industry, operators, silicone line company professor commented on the development of silicone line industry, how to complete the transformation of the silicone line industry promotion, to build a high-end characteristics of China's photoelectric silicone line industry to enter. Meeting time, from the 12 main stream of silicone line company executives for the domestic silicone line company to carry out the transformation of offer advice and suggestions.

  China's photoelectric silicone line career in the past decade, especially in the "second five" time has been rapid development. The establishment of a more complete industrial systems, commodities are widely used in telecommunications, broadcasting, electricity, military, sensing, medical, aviation international, industrial processing and control and scientific research and other areas. China has now entered the international fiber optic cable needs and production of large countries of the team. In 2011, thanks to the planning and construction of fiber optic network, the demand for domestic optical fiber malls is equal to that of 2010, with a total of about 98 million core kilometers, with an optical fiber export of 8 million core kilometers, an increase of 56% over last year. Domestic silicone line shopping malls accounted for 42% of the global shopping malls, domestic companies in the global position of the silicone line shopping is also agile, there are five companies to enter the global top ten silicone line shopping malls. With this, the domestic optical fiber preform skills were significantly broken, the mainstream of the silicone line companies have grasp the center skills, breaking the foreign company's long time skills closed. On the domestic silicone line industry, 2013 is a strategic turning point.

   Although the domestic silicone line industry has been a rich effect, but its development is also no lack of worries. The domestic company to carry out space will still be set in the domestic shopping malls, shopping malls environment is not up to the view, especially the domestic operators to implement the implementation of the "reverse auction" mechanism, contrary to the basic principles of shopping competition, affecting the health of the silicone industry. This requires the relevant government departments to implement the appropriate guidance, supervision and supervision. For this question, now the Ministry of Industry has been entrusted to the China Communications Corporation Association of the "China Communications Industry Chain to carry out the inquiry request" and "promote China's optical fiber and cable industry innovation and promotion of policy research" two issues stated to the government Departments were reflected. According to the association of several large fiber optic cable company's calculation, the average cost of development accounted for 3.96% of annual sales revenue, while the whole career average lower. Together with the optical fiber company is too close to the recent return of funds, the basic research talent storage and cultivation is also a lack of investment.

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