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Silicone Wire Fluorine Plastic Cable

Silicone Wire Fluorine plastic cable

Fluoroplastics are the general term for a variety of fluoropolymers. Refers to a polymer in which a fluorine atom-containing monomer is self-aggregated or copolymerized with other fluorine-free materials. As the fluorine plastic has excellent electrical properties, thermal stability and mechanical and physical properties, it is suitable for wire and cable. In order to facilitate the further understanding of the fluorine plastic cable, the future work to help, now the fluorine plastic cable and its market applications for a brief introduction.

Second, the characteristics of fluorine plastic cable

Relative to the common polyethylene PVC cable, the fluorine plastic cable has the following prominent features:

1, high temperature fluorine plastic has an extraordinary thermal stability, making the fluorine plastic cable can adapt to 150 ~ 200 degrees high temperature environment, and the common polyethylene, PVC cable is only applicable to 70 ~ 90 degrees of work environment. In addition, in the same cross-section conductor conditions, the fluorine plastic cable can transmit a larger allowable current, which greatly improves the use of the cable range, due to this unique performance, fluorine plastic cable commonly used in aircraft, ships, As well as the internal wiring of electronic equipment, such as wiring.

2, good flame retardant fluorine plastic high oxygen index, combustion flame spread range is small, resulting in less smoke. In the event of a fire, people can have some time to alienate, and not be smoke smoked, and strive for, in order to prevent the flame retardant requirements, such as computer networks, subways, vehicles, high-rise buildings and other public places, in the event of fire, To the precious rescue time.

3, excellent electrical performance relative to polyethylene, fluorine plastic dielectric constant is lower, therefore, compared with the same structure of the coaxial cable, fluorine plastic cable attenuation is smaller, more suitable for high-frequency signal transmission, today The increasing frequency of cable use has become a trend, and because of the high temperature of fluorine plastic, it is often used as an internal wiring for transmission and communication equipment, jumper and video audio cable between wireless transmitter and transmitter. In addition, the fluorine plastic cable dielectric strength, insulation resistance is good, suitable for important instrumentation control cable.

4, the mechanical and chemical properties of the perfect fluorine plastic chemical bond can be high, with a high degree of stability, almost free from temperature changes, has excellent weather resistance and mechanical strength; and not a variety of acid, alkali and organic solvents Impact, and therefore suitable for environmental climate change, there are corrosive occasions, such as petrochemical, oil refining, oil well control.

5, conducive to welding connection In the electronic equipment, there are many wiring is the use of welding methods to connect, because the general plastic melting temperature is low, easy to melt at high temperatures, the need for skilled welding technology, and some solder joints must have a certain The welding time, which has become a welcome for fluoroplastic cables, such as communication equipment and electronic equipment internal wiring.

6, the price of fluorine plastic raw materials is high, the cable production is difficult to produce high cost, the sales price is naturally high, which also limits the application of the product, but also because of this, making the competition manufacturers less need to use fluorine plastic cable customers It will not be too much about the price factor.

Third, the type and use of fluorine plastic cables

A variety of fluoroplastics can be used for cable insulation. According to the current market situation, the common fluorine plastic cable is fluorine-46 (FEP) cable. Fluorine-46 is the abbreviation of polyfluoroethylene propylene, also known as FEP, is a high performance fluorine plastic, the maximum continuous working temperature up to 200 degrees, short time the temperature of up to 260 degrees, oxygen index greater than 95, almost Non-combustible, and the dielectric constant is small, the dielectric loss tangent is low, the electrical properties in a fairly wide range of temperature changes almost no change, and it can be similar to the method of polyethylene extrusion to produce cables, so by all aspects of welcome The

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