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Silicone Wire Excellent Electrical Performance

Silicone Wire Excellent electrical performance

Advantages and characteristics of silicone cable

Wire cross-sectional area is square millimeters, generally divided into: 0.5,1,1.5,2.5,4,6,10,16,25,35,50,70,95,120,150,185,240 square and so on. 10 (square millimeters) the following is generally called the wire, 10 (square) or more called the cable.

Cable, also known as soft circuit board (FPC). It is in accordance with the provisions of their industry norms cable rules, line order, line color, line number, etc., for moving parts and activities within the area of data transmission, such as the computer internal board to connect hard drive, optical drive data cable, mobile phone motherboard connection display Data lines, as well as the connection between the data lines are collectively referred to as cable.

· Cable has excellent electrical properties, dielectric properties, heat resistance. "The lower dielectric constant allows for rapid transmission of electrical signals; good thermal performance makes the components easy to cool; higher glass conversion temperatures or melting points make the components run at higher temperatures," said LT Electronic's chief executive officer.

• Cable has higher assembly reliability and quality. Cylinders reduce the need for internal hardware, such as traditional electronic packaging commonly used solder joints, trunks, backplane lines and cables, so that the cable can provide a higher assembly reliability and quality. Because of the complexity of multiple systems composed of traditional internal hardware in the assembly, prone to high component dislocation rate. "With low rigidity and small size, it is also because the size of the cable plate components is small, so the materials used are less." With the advent of quality engineering, a thickness of the EECX Electronic Products Division, The thin flexible system is designed to be assembled in only one way, eliminating many human error that is usually related to DuLi wiring engineering.

In 2016, the silicone wire eco-industrial park began to build; in 2015, the park was identified as relying on Humen industry transfer industrial park industrial development cluster area; At present, the park has completed the first 124 hectares of controlled detailed planning ...

Silicone wire eco-industrial park, spacious industrial road and the construction of the new Jinta Road completed, marking the "one horizontal and one vertical" of the main road network formation, at the same time, the main road green landscape, network communications and other supporting facilities are also fully promoted The A total investment of 350 million yuan in Guangdong Ya are Color Printing Co., Ltd. has been built standard factory, and in the end of 2015 began trial production.

2016 is the "thirteen five" plan the beginning of the year. "Adhere to the ecological bottom line, the development of eco-tourism and cultural industries, the Internet eco-agriculture and new wire and cable industry," the positioning has been clear, silicone wire industry as the basis, efforts to increase investment efforts to speed up the construction of silicone wire eco-industrial park to achieve wire and cable Industrial agglomeration development.

Create a good environment

Enhance the industrial carrier to undertake

In recent years, silicone wire closely around the "green rise, building a happy" core tasks, further emancipate the mind, do solid work, innovative ideas, and vigorously promote the county's trade and economic development and key projects. Among them, the silicone cable ecological industrial park project construction quite productive.

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