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Silicone Wire Due To Its Structure

Silicone Wire Due to its structure

Silicone rubber extrusion technology for silicone wire technology

Wire and cable insulation due to the different species and even the same kind of plastic (e.g., polyethylene) because of their different structures, which controls the extrusion temperature varies. As shown in the table below, the extrusion temperature of several plastics in the production of wire and cable is listed. It should be noted that the operating temperature in the table is comparable and only meaningful to the same equipment. Different devices, the cylinder wall thickness is not the same, the depth of measurement points is not the same, but only the temperature and the temperature sensing cylinder head, the actual temperature of the material are not the same, should be observed at any time during extrusion of the plastic Plastic quality, and adjust the temperature control.

    The feed section is treated with a low temperature, which is determined by the "task" of the feed section. The feed section produces sufficient thrust, mechanical shearing and mixing, such as excessive temperature, making the plastic melt early, not only leading to decomposition during extrusion , but also causes "slippage", resulting in extrusion pressure fluctuations, and due to premature melting may cause insufficient mixing, nonuniformity plasticized, so this is generally a low temperature section.

    The magnitude have greatly improved temperature melting zone, which is the reason because the plastic in the plastics segment to achieve, and only up to a certain temperature in order to ensure that the composition of most plastics.

    Homogenization of the highest temperature, the plastic has been in the melting section of the majority of plastic, and a small part of the polymer composition has not yet begun to plastic, into the homogenization section, although this part of the composition, but its plasticization must be achieved , When its plasticization temperature tends to be higher. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the extrusion temperature of the homogenization section. In some cases, it can be maintained and the plasticization time is continued.

    Machine to maintain the temperature of the neck section of the homogenization temperature or slightly lower, because the extruded plastic deck becomes rotational motion is linear, and because the holes in the deck for the plastic melt spreading strip, entering The nose must be in its molten state to compaction with each other, obviously the temperature drop too much is not enough.

    The machine has been plasticized evenly and by the machine neck compaction of the melt plastic, from the squeeze to make the role of dense, plastic in this fixed surface and the nose of the long-term contact, if the temperature is too high, is bound to break down And even scorch, especially in the nose of the dead ends, so the head temperature generally drop.

    At present, the temperature of the die used in the extruder is higher than that of the die, and the temperature of the die can be bright, but the temperature of the die is too high, which will not only cause the decomposition of the surface, but also cause the difficulty of molding cooling, So that the product is difficult to shape, easy to sag their own deformation or flattening deformation.

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