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Silicone Wire Ambient Temperature

Silicone Wire Ambient temperature

Silicone wire bending radius is greater than 6 times the cable diameter, laying the ambient temperature of not less than 0 ℃. Silicone wire laying indoors, mobile requirements soft, shielding and other occasions.

a.U0 / U is 450 / 750V;

b. The laying temperature of the cable should not be lower than 0 ℃;

c. cable laying, it is recommended to allow bending radius; no armored should not be less than 6 times the cable diameter, with armored should not be less than 12 times the cable diameter.

Corrosive and waterproof characteristics of ultra-high temperature heat-resistant silicone line, in high temperature environment, electrical performance and stability, anti-aging performance, longer service life.

Low temperature: ordinary rubber minimum temperature of the critical point of -20 ℃ ~ -30 ℃, but silicone rubber at -60 ℃ ~ -70 ℃ still have good flexibility, some special formula silicone rubber can withstand Very low temperature, such as low temperature seals.

Electrical insulation: silicone rubber has a high resistivity, and in a wide temperature range and frequency range of its resistance can remain stable. At the same time silica gel on the high-pressure corona discharge and arc discharge has a good resistance, such as high voltage insulators, TV high pressure caps, electrical parts and so on. Silicone wire, 200 degree silicone wire This kind of high temperature wire in the processing and production needs of the equipment must improve the elders, the detection method must be perfect, to create a fit for the mall standard silicone wire products, special soft silicone wire products in the testing standards Ultra-high standards and standard testing standards include a variety of: professional standards, UL standards, VDE standards, BS standards, JIS standards and other standard production. High temperature line, including UL1332,1331,10362 and other types of high temperature and high pressure Teflon line. High temperature shielded cable, VDE silicone wire, Teflon wire high temperature and high pressure up to 100KV, high temperature insulated wire, control cable, power cable, fluorine plastic cable, ultra high flexible cable. Special cables, high temperature cable series quality AAA grade cable.

One is to ensure that the conductor after the coiled protective layer of the appearance of creamy, because the mining rubber cable is usually adopted fine copper wire strand method of mine cable, it can not engage in pressing, wire stranded appearance there is a certain level Stranded lines, these bumps on the low-voltage cable on the electrical function is not much trouble, but on the high-voltage cable just formed the electric field strength is not uniform, can only rely on coiled or wrapped conductor maintenance layer to avoid its interference, but too Thin conductor protective layer thickness is technically difficult to complete;

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