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Servo Extension The Development Course

Servo Extension The development course

The development history

Servo is derived from the English word "Servo", as the name implies, which refers to the system following external instructions to carry out the desired movement, and the elements of motion include position, speed and torque. To review the development process of servo system, from the earliest hydraulic, pneumatic to electrification, servo motor, servo system is composed of feedback device and controller has been nearly 50 years. Nowadays, with the continuous maturity of technology, ac servo motor technology has gradually replaced dc motor as the dominant motor of servo system with its excellent cost performance. The maturity of ac servo system technology has also led to a rapid diversification of the market and has become one of the supporting technologies of industrial automation.

The development trend of servo system: high accuracy, high speed and high power. He explained that the development of the servo system to make full use of the electronic and computer technology, the digital servo system, using microcomputer to realize adjusting control, strengthen the function of software control, rule out the nonlinear error and adjusting error of analog circuit and the influence of factors such as temperature drift, it can greatly improve the performance of servo system, and to realize the optimal control and adaptive control. At the same time, it is important to develop high - precision, fast detecting elements and high performance servo motors (actuating elements).

China development status/servo system editing

Servo system in China industry market foresight strategic planning and investment analysis report, according to the advancement of our country manufacturing industry to upgrade the development of the servo industry provides a huge market, in recent years, with CNC machine tools, packaging machinery, electronic equipment and other industries continue to maintain the better development and ac servo technology matures, wind power industry in emerging industries such as new energy industry the application of servo technology makes the servo market is developing rapidly in our country, in 2010, servo market grew by 39.7% in our country, the size of the market reached 3.99 billion yuan.

Many knowledgeable domestic manufacturers are stepping up research and development to improve the performance of their products, thus expanding the appeal of their brands. Domestic servo manufacturers will be able to change the import monopoly pattern. Servo system thus predicted that the next five years, our country industry to benefit from the effects of industrial upgrading, will remain more than 20% of the growth, to 2015, the servo system industry in our country the size of the market is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan, among them, the domestic servo products market share will reach 40%.

The development trend

As an important feature of nc machine tool, the characteristic of servo system has been an important index to influence the processing performance of the system. A variety of servo drive techniques have been developed in recent years around the dynamic characteristics of servo system and the improvement of static characteristics. Predictably, with ultra high speed cutting, the ultra precision processing, network development of advanced manufacturing technology, such as manufacturing, has a network interface of the digital servo system, linear motor and the high-speed motorized spindle will become the hot spot in the numerical control machine tool industry, and become the development direction of servo system.

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