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Servo Extension Servo System

Servo Extension Servo system

"Servo" - the word comes from the Greek word for "slave". People want to use the "servos" as a handy taming tool to comply with the demands of the control signals. Before the signal comes, the rotor stands still. When the signal comes, the rotor turns immediately. When the signal disappears, the rotor can stop at once. Because of its "servo" performance, hence the name -- servo system.

: (1) servo system is to make the position of the object, location, status, such as output, can follow the input (or given value) of any changes in automatic control system.

In automatic control system, the system that can respond to the control signal with certain accuracy is called servo system, also called servo system.

Is the main task of the servo, according to the requirement of the control command of power amplification, transformation and regulation, such as processing, driving device, the output torque, speed and position control is flexible and convenient.

Classification and composition of 1.3 servo systems

The servo system can be divided into open loop servo system, closed-loop servo system, semi-closed loop system and composite control system.

The closed-loop automatic control system with feedback is composed of the position detection part, the deviation amplification part, the execution part and the controlled object.

Performance requirements of the 1.4 servo system

The servo system must have high controllability, high stability and high adaptability. Note that the controllable good is 

that when the signal disappears, it can stop immediately. The high stability is the increase of torque along the speed of rotation. Adaptability is the quality of quick, sensitive and loudness.

Type 1.5 servo system

It is usually classified according to the type of servo actuator, and there are three types of electric, oil pressure or electric-oil pressure.

If the servo system is divided by function, there is a servo and power servo system. Analog servo and power servo system; 

Location servo and acceleration servo system.

Electrical servo system can be divided into DC DC servo system and AC AC servo system. AC AC servo system has two kinds of asynchronous motor servo system and synchronous motor servo system.

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