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RC Switch Cable Electrical Machinery

RC Switch Cable Electrical machinery

Electrical machinery: the economy continued high

From the 2009 9 to 11 months of data and pre-comparison found that most of the sub-sectors of electrical machinery have emerged in the recovery or in the high level of prosperity to maintain the situation. Motor manufacturing boom continued to maintain a high position, from April 2006 began to recover the transmission and distribution and control equipment, wire and cable, fiber optic cable and electrical equipment manufacturing industry in June reached a high level of prosperity. Battery manufacturing and lighting equipment is still in the recovery, gas, solar and similar energy equipment manufacturing continued since August 2006 industry boom. However, due to rising profit margins led by the expansion of fixed asset investment too fast, power plant equipment may be in the short term face excess pressure, and a device, the second equipment is still maintained a high level of prosperity.

Non-metallic products: benefit from falling raw material prices

Non-metallic mineral products industry is the real beneficiaries of falling raw material prices, of course, is due to its early fixed asset investment, capacity expansion of the impact of contraction. Cement, lime and gypsum manufacturing industry boom from August 2006 began to rise, which is a large increase in seasonal demand for its products to provide price support. Glass and glass products are affected by excess capacity is still located in the bottom of the industry, but the central enterprises for the integration of some listed companies will bring a huge imagination, and a series of industrial control policies such as strengthening the development of flat glass industry will accelerate the industry The recovery.

Chemical raw materials: resource constraints are obvious

By the chemical raw materials industry as a whole down, synthetic materials manufacturing, special chemical products manufacturing, basic chemical raw materials manufacturing industry boom still maintain the bottom, daily chemical products manufacturing and basic chemical raw materials manufacturing has a certain recovery characteristics, and pesticide manufacturing, paint , Ink, paint and similar products to maintain a high boom. As a result of the large number of sub-sectors of chemical raw materials, more detailed judgments should refer to the sub-sectors of the capacity expansion and demand development, with scarce resources, enterprise development advantages.

Ordinary machinery manufacturing: part of the industry downturn

Compared with the previous period, due to the overall investment category of profitable industry growth rate of industrial enterprises for the contribution of profit growth is reduced, so some of the general machinery industry boom level in the high level of a certain decline. However, the manufacture of boilers and prime mover, metalworking machinery manufacturing, lifting and transport equipment manufacturing, pumps, valves, compressors and similar machinery, bearings, gears, transmission and drive components, fan, fan manufacturing, packaging equipment manufacturing remains high The economy, while the refrigeration, air conditioning equipment manufacturing market is growing by the competitive impact at the bottom of the cycle.

Non-ferrous metals: There is a risk of falling

Compared with August 2006, non-ferrous metal smelting industry did not appear much change. However, due to copper, lead, zinc smelting industry boom has set a record level, the decline in international futures prices has been a sign that the industry downturn risk. In contrast, the downward trend in the industry is only slightly fluctuating, non-ferrous metal alloy manufacturing and non-ferrous metal rolling industry fell slightly.

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