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RC Switch Cable Development Plan

RC Switch Cable development plan

In the world, China's total output value of cable wire has exceeded the United States, becoming the world's largest producer of wire and cable, the future there is a huge potential for development. Although the wire and cable industry is a basic industry, now occupies the output value of China's electrical industry 1/4, known as the national economy, "arteries" and "nerve." As the second largest industry after the car, its product variety satisfaction rate and state-owned market share are more than 90%.

2012-2015 China's wire and cable high-tech and products will accelerate development

Expected during the second five, the industry average annual sales growth of about 4% -8%, to the end of the second five, the forecast of copper is about 5.5 million -620 million tons,

With aluminum is about 2.6 million to 3.2 million tons. At the same time, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, optimize the industrial organization structure, improve the technical level of the industry, expand the proportion of R & D personnel and R & D investment, and strengthen the technological innovation capability of enterprises will become the main goal of China's wire and cable industry development.

The next five years the main research projects

● In the wire and cable industry development plan in the 12th Five-Year Plan, a total of nine scientific research projects, including:

Application base of high voltage cross - linked cable

● Marine engineering series cable

● fiber prediction rod products

● Superconducting cable

● Wire and cable material recycling technology

Reliability and Application of Domestic Composite Reinforced Core Material for High Voltage Overhead Transmission Line

● High solids paint and coating process

In order to promote the improvement of core competitiveness of cable enterprises in China, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of cable industry, China Electrical Equipment Industry Association wire and cable branch and cable information research institute to continue to co-host "China's cable industry's most competitive enterprises" Contest. At the same time, the wire and cable branch by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine authorized commissioned by the AQSIQ to carry out the 2015 brand value evaluation work, responsible for cable enterprise selection and enterprise-related data information audit, the selected brand value data Related content, AQSIQ will be feedback. Brand value evaluation and competitiveness evaluation of the index system and work requirements are basically the same, wire and cable branch in 2015 China's most competitive cable 50 companies based on the initial evaluation results, to the State Administration of Quality Supervision, the selection of brand value list of enterprises to further promote These two work are closely related, cross-reference, simultaneously carried out.

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