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RC Switch Cable Air Circuit Breaker

RC Switch Cable Air circuit breaker

Automatic air switch, the function of automatic air switch Automatic air switch is also called the automatic air circuit breaker, it is low voltage power distribution network and electric drive system is very important in the electric equipment, it combines control and protection functions in one. In addition to contact to complete and breaking circuit, it is able to short circuit or electrical equipment. Serious overload and under voltage protection, etc. At the same time can also be used to not frequent start motor.

Second, the characteristics of the automatic air switch Automatic air switch with safe operation. Easy to use. Reliable work. Simple installation. After the action (such as after a short circuit troubleshooting) do not need to change components (such as the melt), etc. Therefore, it is widely used in industry, housing, etc. Automatic air switch with overload and short circuit protection function, when circuit overload, short circuit, loss of pressure, such as failure to automatic trip, under normal circumstances and not frequent on and off the circuit can be used to control the start and stop of the machine. The automatic air switch has a DW series (called a framework or a universal) and a DZ series (called a plastic case or device). The DW series is mainly used as the protection switch of the distribution network and the non-frequent conversion circuit in normal working condition. The DZ series can be used as the protection switch of the distribution network, and also the control switch for the motor and lighting circuit.

Third, the working principle of automatic air switch Of the circuit breaker is the circuit breaker, switch on, breaking and carrying the rated working current, and can be in line with motor overload, short circuit, undervoltage of reliable protection. Circuit breaker dynamic and static contact and touch rod designed to parallel form, using the short circuit of electric repulsion to dynamic and static contact off, high breaking capacity, current limiting feature is strong. In short circuit, the aromatic insulator in the surrounding area is vaporized and the arc of the arc is cooled and the arc distance is zero. The circuit breaker's arc chamber adopts the metal grating structure, the contact head system has the repulsion limit flow mechanism, so the circuit breaker has a high ability of dividing and limiting flow. In the double deffler, the anti-timing action is a bimetallic strip that is heated by the hot bending of the strip, and the instantaneous action is the iron core street iron mechanism that drives the trip. Main contact by operator (manual or electric) closed, the contact system as equipped with arc extinguishing device and therefore can not only get through or cut off the normal working current, but also in the event of a failure quickly cut off several times larger than the normal working current of the fault current, which can effectively protect circuit of electric equipment switch trip mechanism is a set of link system. When the main contact is closed by the operating mechanism, the lock is locked in the lock position. If failure occurs in the circuit, the effect about the trip will make trip mechanism of the lock hook release, so the main contact points off sharply in release under the action of the spring. Tripping means has thermal, electromagnetic, and multiple tripping 3 kinds: 1. The general occurred when the line overload, overcurrent, although cannot make electromagnetic trip action, but it can make the heat element produces a certain quantity of heat, prompting bimetallic strip heated bending upwards, push the lever to toggle hook and lock release, breaking will be the main contact, cut off power supply. Under normal conditions, the armature of the current tripper is released; Short circuit occurred once line or serious overload current, short circuit current exceeds the instantaneous tripping setting current value, electromagnetic trip generate enough suction, incorporating armature suck hit the lever, toggle hook around a shaft seat up and lock release, lock in reaction under the action of the spring will be three pairs of main contactor breaking, cut off power supply. The undervoltage tripper works the other way, and when the voltage is normal, the electromagnet absorbs the armature, and the main contact is closed. When the voltage is severely reduced or the power is off, the armature is released and the main contact is disconnected. When the power supply voltage is back to normal, it must be recombined to work, and the loss protection is achieved.

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