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RC Connectors Use Range

RC Connectors Use range

Rc circuit board connector is what things, what is the role, is not our family life in the common plug board Yeah, a lot of people on the rc circuit board connector has a lot of questions, this thing is full of curiosity. Circuit boards we are very familiar with, often encountered in the home life, especially home appliances more often, will often use, especially the TV or washing machines and other household appliances commonly used, will be regularly on the plug Plate to replace, to avoid the aging of the plug board, leading to the emergence of some security incidents.

  Rc circuit board connector widely used, many of the audience, select the regular manufacturers of products can be used for a long time, after all, but electrical safety is very important.

Rc series of connectors use: for medical aviation, railway projects, industrial projects, aerospace projects, monitoring, testing equipment, ship systems, electric sightseeing car; UPS; communication power; charger. Environmental protection batteries and other products preferred high current connection Device. Connector with PBT material, has a very good electronic and electrical characteristics, can be widely used in industrial demand.

  All kinds of electric vehicles, electric buses, forklifts, golf carts, tourist cars, tractors, batteries, communications power; UPS. AC. DC power supply .EPS. Inverter, high-frequency module power and high-frequency charger System, electric machinery, electric wheelchair, electric scrubber, lawn mower, vacuum cleaner, medical equipment, suction machine, decompression machine, electric therapy bed, power supply, material handling equipment, rechargeable battery application, distribution equipment, industrial equipment And other enterprises, and with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Modern Physics jointly developed Anen (security) series of high current connector products, has been widely used in national large-scale electric machinery R & D projects and transportation. Railway. Aerospace products.

   Rc circuit board connector in fact with the plug-in board has a great relationship, plug connector is a very common use of a wide range of electronic original one, according to the type and shape of the plug, etc., but also on the rc circuit board Plugins are divided into several types. The most common is also the most widely used fiber optic connector connector, mobile phone connector connector and computer connector connector and home connector connector and so on. The most widely used is the player, mobile phone, computer, home appliances and machine connector connector, almost every family or even everyone will use. Rc circuit board connectors in different shapes, only you can not think, there is no product on the market type.

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