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RC Connectors The Structure Is Diverse

RC Connectors The structure is diverse

With the development of the electronics industry and the global rc connector production capacity continue to Asia and China, Asia has become the rc connector market, the most development potential of the place, and China will become the world's fastest growing rc connector and the largest market The It is estimated that the future growth rate of China's rc connector market will continue to exceed the global average, the next five years, China's rc connector market average annual growth rate will reach 15%.

The main supporting areas of electric rc connector are transportation, communication, network, IT, medical, home appliances, etc., supporting the rapid development of product technology and the rapid growth of its market, a strong traction rc connector technology development. So far, rc connector has developed into a full range of products, variety specifications rich, diverse types of structures, professional direction of the sub-industry characteristics, the standard system of standardized and specialized products.

Overall, the development of rc connector technology presents the following characteristics: high-speed and digital signal transmission, the integration of various types of signal transmission, miniaturization of product size miniaturization, low cost of products, contact termination Surface paste, modular combination, plug the convenience and so on. The above technology represents the development direction of rc connector technology, but it should be noted that: the above technology is not all rc connectors are necessary, different supporting areas and different use of the environment rc connector, the demand for the above technology is complete Different. The connector is closely related to our life, say a laptop has a lot of ports, each port can be a rc connector to complete a certain task, are very important, so we need everyone concerned from the rc connector industry Development, we are the user is God.

Of course, in order to live more convenient, in order to rc connector to become our assistant, then we are not just want to understand some of the rc connector knowledge, but also learn to identify, see the pros and cons, in order to make inferior products There is no living space, in order to make quality products stand out. For our own life more quality, choose high-quality rc connector to serve our lives. Impedance: The adapter should match the impedance of the system and the cable. It should be noted that not the butter rc connector interface is 50Ω or 75Ω impedance, impedance mismatch will lead to system performance degradation.

Voltage: to ensure that the use of rc connector can not exceed the maximum voltage value.

Maximum operating frequency: Each rc connector has a maximum operating frequency limit, and some commercial or 75Ω designs have a minimum operating frequency limit. In addition to electrical performance, each interface has its own unique form, such as: BNC for the bayonet connection, easy installation and low price, low-performance electrical connections are widely used; SMA, TNC series nuts to meet the high Vibration environment on the rc connector requirements, SMB has a quick disconnect function, which is increasingly favored by the user.

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