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RC Connectors Good Sealing

RC Connectors Good sealing

1, good sealing Huajia stainless steel card sets of pipe fittings can withstand pressure of 16 bar -50 bar, the maximum temperature of up to 280 degrees, the special requirements can withstand several tens of bar, for more than 80% of the industry piping. The pressure on the seal is much lower than its elastic limit, preload is only 2kg / square centimeter, far below the flange gasket, the preload of 70kg / square centimeter, and the pressure hole to ensure the sealing effect And pipe pressure is proportional to, so you can achieve long-term durable, continuous and reliable sealing requirements, not easy to produce "three leakage" phenomenon, the service life of the required range of up to 20 to 25 years. In addition, the rubber liner used can withstand 107 to 108 doses of Y-ray so that it can be applied in the nuclear power circuit; and the tube in the fluid mainly through the pipeline itself and the rubber ring, and the connector metal shell is difficult to produce electrochemical corrosion, Are sure to ensure reliable sealing measures.

2, vibration, impact, noise reduction. This connector changes the traditional rigid connection for the flexible connection, so that the system in the anti-vibration, noise-free state, the connector itself can withstand 0.02 seconds acceleration of 350 grams of shock; compared with the flange method, noise Strength can be reduced by 80%; is conducive to the entire pipeline, including pumps, valves, instruments and other safe and normal use, to extend life expectancy.

3, reduce the weight of pipelines. Compared with the flange method can be reduced by about 75%.

4, save the pipeline space. Assembly and unloading without flange-style all-round construction, just from the side of the tightening bolts, which can save the pipeline layout and construction space of 50% of the limited space of the ship, the installation of a small space reasonable configuration of the pipeline is of great significance.

Flexible connection allows the deflection of the direction of up to 5 °, the pipe end spacing of up to 5mm to 35mm, etc., loose tolerance range to avoid the high precision assembly requirements. The deviation caused by the installation deviation or the operation of the equipment has no adverse effect on the connector.

5, compatible with good adaptability. The connector is widely used in a variety of metal pipe and composite pipe, both for the same material, can also be used for different materials between the pipe connection, the pipe connected to its wall thickness and connection side, etc. are not too high Processing requirements.

6, convenient quick install. The construction of the connector itself without assembly, the connection of the pipeline also need to cumbersome adjustment processing requirements; installation only a torque wrench according to the provisions of the torque value from one side tightening 1-2 bolts, the operation is particularly simple.

7, easy maintenance. In the repair pipeline, even if the tube has oil and water state, because there is no need to weld without heating, without fire, the risk of explosion. Application of ring clamp clamp repair joints, from a variety of damaged piping outside, the use of dressing way to repair.

8, high cost efficiency. The cost of the construction of the connector than the flange to save a single cost than the general flange cost price slightly higher, but its long life, cost-effective. On a copper-nickel alloy and stainless steel pipe, the single cost is below or close to the medium diameter copper-nickel alloy flanges and stainless steel flanges, and the cost is higher.

9, easy to computer-aided design. Because you do not have to consider the empty circle of the flange, with computer-aided design more simple, you can easily promote the modular design, simplify the pipeline flow chart, reduce design and construction costs.

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