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RC Connectors Electrical Performance Requirements

RC Connectors Electrical performance requirements

rc connector plating knowledge

    In the connector plating, due to contact with a higher electrical performance requirements, the gold plating process in the connector plating occupies a significant important position, at present in addition to part of the material with a selective charge plating process, the rest of the pinhole In the past few years, the connector size to the development of more and more miniaturization, the pinhole parts of the hole gold plating quality problems become increasingly prominent, the user's gold layer Quality requirements are getting higher and higher, some users of the appearance of the quality of the gold layer even reached a very critical level, in order to ensure the quality of the connector gold-plated layer of adhesion of these common quality problems are always the key to improve the quality of the connector gold Is the quality of these causes, one by one analysis to provide you with the discussion.

1. Gold layer color is not normal

The color of the gold-plated layer of the connector is not the same as that of the normal gold layer, or the color of the gold layer of the different parts of the product is different.

2. Gold-plated raw material impurities

When the chemical material into the bath into the impurity than the gold plating after the degree of tolerance will soon affect the gold layer of color and brightness, if the impact of organic impurities will appear gold layer of dark and hair phenomenon, Hao Seoul slot test If the metal impurity interference will cause the current density of the effective range narrowed, Hao Seoul tank test shows that the test chip current density is not low-end low-end or high-end plating is not bright, reflected to the plating The redness of the coating is even black, the hole of the color changes more obvious.

3. Gold-plated current density is too large

As the total area of the plating tank calculation error is greater than the actual surface area, so that the amount of gold plating is too large, or the use of vibration gold plating when its amplitude is too small, so that all or part of the tank plating gold plating rough, visual Gold layer red.

4. Aging of gold plating solution

Gold plating solution is too long to use excessive accumulation of impurities in the plating layer will inevitably cause the gold layer color is not normal

5. The content of alloy in hard gold coating changes

In order to improve the hardness of the connector and the degree of wear, the connector gold plating generally used hard gold plating process, which uses more gold cobalt alloy and gold and nickel alloy, when the bath of cobalt and nickel content changes will cause Gold plating color change, if the cobalt content of the bath is too high gold layer color will be red, if the nickel content of the bath is too high metal color will be shallow.

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