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RC Connectors Assembly Type

RC Connectors Assembly type

The waterproof round connector is a assembled waterproof connector. Due to the reasons for its fixed, easy to install by the market favorable.

Advantages of waterproof round connectors:

1. Assembly of the connector, any person to see how to know how to wiring; 2. Easy to install, only need to weld or screw can be fixed cable; 3 docking flexible, new self-card connector, no need for complex screw, automatic Clamping; 4. Application flexibility, cable and connector manufacturing separately, reduce costs. The precision electronic connectors are usually made of plugs and sockets, and the plugs are also referred to as self-contained precision electronic connectors, which are also known as fixed precision electronic connectors, which are connected and disengaged by plugs, sockets and mating and separation There are various ways of connecting the plug and the socket.For the circular precision electronic connector, there are three kinds of methods: thread type connection, bayonet connection and marquee connection, among which the thread connection is the most common, The process is simple, the production cost is low, the scope of application and so on, but the convergence speed is slow and unsuitable need to frequently plug and rapid continuous occasions.

Bayonet-type convergence because of its three card slot long lead, so the convergence of the faster, but it is more messy, the cost is higher.Marletian convergence is the convergence of the three methods of convergence in the fastest one , It does not require a rotary motion, and it is only necessary to perform a straight line motion to complete the function of cohesion, separation and locking, since it is applied to the direct push-pull connection method, so it is only suitable for precision electronic connectors with little force. Usually in the small precision electronic connector more common. Electronic connectors (also known as circuit connectors, electrical connectors) bridge the two conductors on one circuit so that the current or signal can flow from one conductor to the conductor of another conductor. It is widely used in a variety of electrical lines, plays a connection or disconnect the role of current or signal. This connection may be temporary and convenient for plugging at any time, or it may be a permanent node between electrical equipment or wires.

The electronic connector is a device (analog signal or digital signal) that transmits an electronic signal, providing a separate interface for connecting two sub-electronic systems, which are used to complete electrical connections between circuits or electronic devices. Such as: power plugs / sockets, IC feet, telephone line plugs are all. Widely used in the electronics industry.

The circular connector is a straight-fitting steel ball fast-lock circular electrical connector housing, which consists of plugs and sockets. The plug housing consists of a housing, a lock, a reed, a pin, a steel ball , Shrapnel, shrapnel, gasket nine parts.

Lock and shell assembly, the pin from the shell into and riveting in the lock sleeve, between the sleeve and the shell can be rotated between 20 degrees, the plug housing with 3-4 steel balls, from the docking lock, lock When the ball is not supported, the ball is not supported, the whole shrinkage into the shell wall; after the rotation of the rotating lock support from the steel ball to protrude the inner wall of the shell, into the socket shell on the ring groove to achieve the plug and The socket is locked. It also has the advantages of anti-skew plug, anti-wrong plug, excellent electrical performance and shielding performance, anti-vibration, impact resistance, resistance to the environment, locking easy and fast, small size to facilitate the use.

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