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Rc Accessories High Quality Features

Rc accessories High quality features

From the previous years the global economic crisis, to the subsequent ease and then to the current recovery, the economic changes also led to the valve industry forged steel ball valve manufacturers have been growing and changing. And why the common forged steel ball valve can now lead to the traditional industrial valve constantly changing innovation?

The traditional forging ball valve manufacturers in the past few years has been in the development of relatively flat period. From the production process, forged steel ball valve compared to stainless steel ball valve manufacturing technology will be somewhat behind; and in overseas output, China's forging ball valve annual output of 3 billion US dollars, while the stainless steel ball valve can be as high as 5 Billions of dollars.

Forged steel ball valve is divided into low pressure forged steel ball valve, high pressure forged steel ball valve. High pressure forged steel ball valve is based on the needs of users, in order to meet the vulcanization environment in the application of vulcanization cracking requirements, the series of high pressure forging ball from the design, selection, manufacturing, testing, surface and paint are strictly in accordance with the United States corrosion The engineer will be required by the NACE standard. Series ball valve is not only a wide selection of materials and materials are all surface with nickel plated 316 material, sealing the use of special polymerization special information. So that the valve is not only anti-corrosion, anti-vulcanization ability, fire, anti-static, good sealing performance, the use of a wide range of pressure and temperature range, full diameter and reduced diameter are available, and can be equipped with a variety of drive, chemical, ,

Valve medium cavity stagnation of the medium due to changes in temperature and civil pressure, the media pressure to drive the valve seat from the ball, to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief, valve seat automatically reset the natural gas mining and transportation system ideal valve selection.

High-quality features and characteristics of the scope of the forging high-pressure ball valve in the future changes in the valve market occupies an important leading position. Professionals predict that in the next 3-5 years, it is expected that 2025 forged steel ball valves will occupy 70-80% of the traditional valve industry market share, the new forged steel ball valve will continue to appear, even at home and abroad leading the other ball valve products.

China's current mechanical parts processing industry is the status quo? Only understand the form of development in order to better investment in capital. The following is a 2016 years of mechanical parts processing industry analysis of the status quo.

According to the China Report Hall published 2016-2021 China's mechanical parts processing industry development analysis and investment potential research report shows that in recent years the production capacity of mechanical parts can not keep up with the development of the market, parts processing become scarce resources, the current industry The market outlook is very impressive, but taking into account the future development, enterprises should strengthen the supply chain maintenance and construction, enhance the strategic cooperation in order to effectively overcome the industry economic fluctuations on the production and operation of parts and components of the risks and impact, Play the advantages of equipment, parts and components enterprises in recent years began to related machinery industry parts and components to diversify the field of development.

Before the industrial revolution, machinery was mostly made of woodwork made of wood, and metal (mainly steel and iron) was only used to make small parts on instruments, watches, locks, pumps and wood structures. Metal processing mainly depends on the mechanic's fine work to achieve the required accuracy. With the widespread use of steam engines and the emergence of large-scale machinery such as mining, metallurgy, ships and locomotives, there are more and more metal parts that need to be machined and machined. 

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