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RC Accessories A Brief Introdction

 1.RC Accessories Frame:

  RC Accessories RC is the basis of the frame, and different types of RC models will have different styles of frame type, the figure shows a flat road sports car, referred to as flat run, the other classification and off-road vehicles, short-distance trucks, large Foot car, climbing car, F1, drift car, etc., due to the different transmission structure can also be divided into belt drive and shaft drive, the figure for the belt drive. 1: 16 1:14 1:12 1:10 1: 8 1: 5 and so on, generally 1:20 the following collectively referred to as mosquitoes, and we play the most is 1:10 And the ratio of 1: 8.

In fact, RC and usually the kind of remote control toy car is the biggest difference between the frame, RC frame from the car height to the tire tilt to the transmission of the elastic, as well as the level of soft and soft shock can be fine-tuned , Which is to adapt to different remote control methods and the needs of different sites arising. This is one of the fun of RC, even if the same frame to the hands of different people will be because of the way there are different settings and different sports characteristics.

2. RC Accessories Remote control system:

RC is called RC is a big reason because of this remote control system, and remote control by the two parts, part of the remote control, the other part is the receiver. Remote control technology has been from the year AM, FM evolved into the current popular 2.4G band, greatly increasing the remote control of the control distance and control accuracy. And now the remote control as a result of most of the use of digital technology, so you can achieve a lot of functions through the software, such as four-wheel steering, brake mixing and so on. A good remote control can also account for the entire RC model 1/3 or even half the price.

RC Accessories The current remote control basically on the two types, gun control and board control. Gun control for a variety of flat-based remote control models, such as car models or ship model. And board control for aircraft models and some need for complex operation of the model. Remote control can also be divided according to the number of channels to operate, car models and ship models need the most basic 2-channel control, better with a shift mechanism or need to control the light may need 3 to 4-channel remote control. And the aircraft model according to its need to operate the multi-facet need 6 to 8 channels or even 10 + channel remote control.

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