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Rapid Development Of Electronic Component Connector Demand Observed Can Be

2016 Kunshan, China international electronic components, materials and production equipment fair held today in Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center, products include electronic components, connectors, connectors and electronic materials, and so on. The exhibition will be dedicated to creating professional communication platform for electronic market at home and abroad, and further promote the rapid development of China's electronic components industry. Among them, the connector as a basis for electronic equipment is an indispensable electronic components, will usher in rapid development opportunities. Agency expects that by 2017, the global connector market is expected to reach us $ 61.8 billion.

Connector using electrical, optical and mechanical power, the electrical or optical channel connect, disconnect, or convert a functional component. As a device, component, equipment, electrical or optical signal connections between systems, through the signal fast, stable, low-loss, high-fidelity transmission, to ensure that the device functions properly. At present, the connectors are widely used in aerospace, computer, transportation, automotive, industrial, home appliances and other fields.

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