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ParaBoard & Balance Cable Symmetrical Cable

ParaBoard & Balance Cable Symmetrical cable

In order to reduce the interference between the wires, each pair of wires is twisted in a twisted shape called a twist wire. The double stranded wire is a copper wire with a diameter of 0.32 mm ~ 0.8 mm, and it is reeled and formed after the process of insulation. A cable which consists of two strands is a symmetrical cable. How to reduce the crosstalk between symmetrical cable circuits? This requires the knowledge of symmetrical cable balancing.

Symmetric cable balance is a little abstract. It's not as simple as the balance of power on the seesaw. Symmetrical cable balance: direct translation is "symmetrical cable crosstalk balance". It refers to a measure that tries to reduce the interloop of a symmetrical cable in a connected cable segment.

The balance of the audio symmetrical cable

Different symmetrical cables have different approaches to achieving crosstalk balance. In the case of the audio symmetric cable of the transmission voice, its crosstalk is mainly derived from the capacitive coupling between the circuit and the capacitance of the loop to the ground. There are several measures to improve the crosstalk balance:

1) cross balance: because the length of the cable is long, it needs to be connected to a long wire at a specific time. At the end of the joint, the wires in the line are intersected to offset the capacitive coupling and the uneven capacitance of the earth.

2) concentrated balance: the line between the wires of the cable and the line between the line and the ground will force the balance to be balanced.

The length of the cable segment we call the equilibrium pitch. On the loading cable, the balance pitch is equal to the added inducer pitch. In a non-inductive symmetrical cable, sometimes the long cable can be properly placed, and the balance pitch is adjusted to adjust the balance.

The balance of high frequency symmetric cable

For high-frequency symmetrical cable, because of the high frequency of transmission signal, in addition to its capacitance coupling and earth capacitance unbalance, magnetic coupling between the circuit, circuit attenuation and phase shift, and through the third loop of crosstalk effect on this circuit. Therefore, the balance of high frequency symmetrical cables is more complex. In general, the balance will be carried out in the repeater segment. There are two steps for the proximal balance and the distal equilibrium.

3.1 close balance

Near end balance: in conjunction with the repeater segment, each sub is placed in a certain way to reduce the systematic crosstalk, then the near end balance.

The proximal balance is within the x km section of the repeater segment. Set a is the maximum transmission frequency, and the loop is attenuated by dB/km, and a cross x is about 12 dB. Cross balance in the four lines first, then balance when necessary. There is no need for balance between the four line groups. The concentration balance should be corrected when a special case occurs.

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