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No Wires Adapter Widely Supporting

No Wires Adapter Widely supporting

The wireless adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electronic power supply power conversion equipment, generally by the shell, transformer, inductance, capacitance, control IC, PCB board and other components, its working principle from the AC input into DC output; The connection can be divided into wall and desktop. Widely equipped with security cameras, set-top boxes, routers, light bar, massage and other equipment. No common use of wire adapters

1, mobile phone charger

Mobile phone charger is no wire adapter, we also contact the most of a class of applications, manufacturers specifications 5V1A, 5V2A. According to the charging method is divided into standard charger, fast charge, flash charge. Now the standard phone is basically fast charge

2, notebook without wire adapter

Laptop power is a must for business people a tool, no wire adapter is certainly no less, there is no way to work without a laptop. Common notebook parameters 19V4.74A, 19V3.42A, 20V3.25A. Common notebook brands have Lenovo, thinkpad, ASUS, Acer and so on. Buy no wire adapter, the parameters must be on, or may burn the notebook.

3, other various electrical appliances

Routers, water dispensers, USB fans, these are generally used without wire adapter. This part of the electrical appliances are very much, basically as long as the plug in the AC electrical appliances need to connect without wires to work properly.

4, electric car

Electric car charging will also use no wire adapter, the common parameters are 48v12ah48v20ah60v20ah72v. Optional no wire adapter, the parameters must be on, or may burn the electric car.

5, outdoor rain power

This is also used in a lot of places, outdoor billboards, luminous characters, signs long-term wind and rain, so this use of non-wire adapter will generally need rain. Common parameters are 5V400W, 5V100W, 5V350W, 5V200W.

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