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No Wires Adapter The Advantages

  No Wires Adapter When the Internet to expand at an alarming rate, the constraints of our Internet bottleneck seems to only have access to the Internet. Ever since there ISP dial-up Internet, community broadband, ADSL, DNN and other terms. Wireless networks have begun to spread, but the wireless network coverage or let us can not immediately anytime, anywhere Internet access. Then with the application of power communications equipment, we can finally do whatever they want in the broadband world travel.

   No Wires Adapter No wiring required

The use of existing wire networks, without trenching and wall drilling, is a "No New Wires" technology that avoids damage to buildings and shared facilities while saving manpower and costs.

Mobile portable

The power line network is the most widely distributed, the largest application of the physical network, power distribution density is much higher than the Ethernet interface, with good mobility and scalability, a socket can access the network.

Plug and play

No Wires Adapter In the same meter range, just two or more power line adapter plug in the power outlet, without any settings, you can enjoy high-speed broadband network services.

Efficient and stable

The power line adapter uses the physical power line as the carrier of the data transmission, which is not affected by the obstacle, and the data transmission is stable. Moreover, the power line communication transmission rate is high, better meet the IPTV, online video, online games and other requirements of the network delay higher applications.

Energy saving and environmental protection

No Wires Adapter The power line adapter uses physical power lines to transmit signals, eliminating some of the user's concerns about wireless radiation. In addition, the product power consumption is low, normal power consumption is less than 4W.

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