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No Wires Adapter Stable Job

No Wires Adapter stable job

Now we see the adapter is the use of power electronics technology, the use of power semiconductor devices as a switch, by controlling the switching transistor turn on and off the time ratio, adjust the output voltage of a.

     External to 80 years before the main or linear, its drawback is the volume and weight is greater than the adapter, and the efficiency is low, but the advantage is stable, the circuit is simple, but not easy to carry. So in the mid-80s Japan's Toshiba took the lead in the switch technology for notebook external, its pioneering work to create a new history of the development of the adapter, has become the world's first independent notebook adapter, because the use of switching technology External so the notebook does not need to take into account the heat generated by the conversion gathered in the notebook itself, and the adapter is easy to carry, and for it effectively improve the commercialization and popularity of the laptop.

    Since Toshiba opened the notebook to fully implement the switch, the first to complete the computer after the replacement of notebook manufacturers to fully emulate, thus becoming the adapter application and other industry pioneer and example, in the 90's adapter has been widely used in a variety of electronic, electrical equipment, program control Switches, communications, power detection equipment and control equipment. The adapter is typically composed of a pulse width modulation (PWM) control IC and a MOSFET.

     Compared with the linearity of the adapter, the cost of both increases with the increase in output power, but the growth rate varies. The linear cost is above the output power point, but higher than the switch, which is called the cost reversal point. With the development and innovation of power electronics technology, the adapter technology is also constantly innovating, and this cost reversal point moves increasingly to the low output power end, thus providing a broad space for the adapter.

 In the late 1990s, Europe proposed a series of standards for conversion efficiency and standby power to push the adapter to a height that could not be crossed. The high frequency of the adapter to its development direction, high frequency of the switch to miniaturization, and the adapter into a wider range of applications, especially in the field of high-tech applications, to promote the high-tech products, miniaturization. In addition, the development and application of adapters are of great significance in conserving energy, conserving resources and protecting the environment.

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