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No Wires Adapter So That The Switching Power Supply Miniaturization

No Wires Adapter So that the switching power supply miniaturization

No wire adapter first appeared in the mid-80s of last century, Japan's first switch power technology used in notebook notebook external power supply, its pioneering work to create a no-wire adapter development history of a new page, has become the world's first Independent notebook without wire adapter, because the use of switching power supply technology outside the power so the notebook does not need to take into account the power conversion generated by the heat gathered in the notebook itself, and no wire adapter easy to carry, and for it to effectively improve the notebook The commercialization and popularity of computers.

At present, the high frequency of non-wire adapter has become the direction of its development, high frequency of switching power supply miniaturization, and no wire adapter into a wider range of applications, especially in high-tech applications, Product miniaturization, light of the. The development and application of non-wire adapters are of great importance in conserving energy, conserving resources and protecting the environment.

No wire adapters are widely used in consumer electronics products, providing most of the output power in less than 100 watts, and the market demand is growing rapidly. Such as electric bicycle battery chargers, small size LCD TVs, laptops, printers, DVD players and set-top boxes have applications. Most of the early wireless adapters were selected with linear transformers, and as consumer electronics had a high efficiency, wide input voltage range requirements for copper-free adapters, as well as increased copper, iron and labor costs, the original linearity of such wireless adapters Transformers are mostly replaced by switching power supply.

Power adapter is a small portable electronic equipment and electrical and electronic power supply conversion equipment, generally by the shell, power transformers and rectifier circuit, according to its output type can be divided into AC output and DC output type; by way of connection Can be divided into wall and desktop. Extensive support in the phone son machine, game consoles, language repeaters, Walkman, notebook computers, cellular phones and other equipment.

2, in order to more clearly explain the various types of cable adapter, the following are the national security plug, to facilitate the selection:

Generally have European regulations, the US regulations, the British regulations, Australian regulations and, as shown above, from left to right

Is the British regulation: AC plug-UK

The second is the Australian regulation: AC plug-AU

The third is the US regulation: AC plug -US

The fourth is the European regulations: AC plug-EU

From the shape can be distinguished, the rules (standard) and the US regulatory almost, less plug the two holes is the.

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