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No Wires Adapter Increasingly Frequent

No Wires Adapter Increasingly frequent

Social development, scientific and technological strength of the large, to facilitate people's living needs. Various types of electronic equipment frequently appear in people's lives. No wire adapter is the most familiar accessories. However, in the replacement of equipment increasingly frequent moment, many people at home, especially in some digital madman's home, abandoned wireless adapter simply "piled up". This phenomenon has aroused the attention of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the relevant standards are coming soon, worthy of the industry attention.

According to the data released by the ITU, there are about 4 billion adapters sold in 2012 alone, and this figure is expected to grow by 12% per year. From an environmental point of view, the question of how much energy is consumed by a wireless adapter is very important. But the problem is more than that. Non-wire adapters are typically longer than their power-hungry information technology equipment - almost every person has a full drawer-free old wireless adapter. If they can not be reused, if they can not be repaired or recycled, they will become part of the increasingly serious e-waste challenge if they are too short for the life of the equipment, if they can not be used for multiple devices.

ITU-T (ITU Standardization) Study Group 5 on the General Charger Standard, the ITU-TL.1000 Recommendation, "Generic Non-Wire Adapter and Charger Solutions for Mobile Terminals and Other Handheld ICT Equipment" The success of the new standard developed by the charger and adapter will be safer, more energy efficient and will use environmentally friendly materials. "In many industries, the scope of application without wire adapter is also very wide.

The use of industrial production

Many household appliances have the presence of wire adapters. We know that in the use of computer LCD display, the role of non-wire adapter is the most huge. Many of the electronic equipment work in the conventional utility voltage can not be used, which must be used inside the no-wire adapter. The normal operation of the liquid crystal display is also inseparable from the no wire adapter.

The use of electronic digital products

Electronic products have been filled with our lives, in daily life, mobile phones, Tablet PC, notebook computer usage is gradually increasing, this time the use of non-wire adapter is also increasing in the same. Can be said that the development of digital products market has led to the development of non-wire adapter industry.

A huge group of users is the foundation of the development of the industry, in the ever-changing technology today, the explosive growth of various electronic products will certainly lead to the vigorous development of subsidiary industries, and no wire adapter as the basis for the operation of these electronic products, its function is irreplacable.

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