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Localization Of Locomotive Components Without Delay

Locomotive is a very large system, covering components such as connectors, PCB (printed circuit board) and capacitor, terminal blocks, cables and so on. As the railway industry has been developing for many years, in terms of the production of railway locomotives and signal control, and have accumulated a lot of technical and practical experience, so localization of the railway system is inevitable, the process has been accelerated. In this economic climate, domestic manufacturers, particularly in the field of locomotive manufacturers, in terms of technology, production process or from the manufacturing level in, should improve in order to meet the needs of rapid development of domestic locomotive market.

For, was recommends, domestic of components enterprise should and domestic of whole Depot established strategy cooperation relationship, bear including connection device, and capacitor and the PCB zainei of components of localization task, understand, and familiar and master abroad products of structure, and related international standards, and technology proprietary sex (whether by patent protection) and manufacturing process technology,, through introduced, and digest and absorption advanced of technology, for development, and trial, and test validation, and for loading road try, in road try process in the constantly improve products of reliability, and Practicability and consistency to meet user needs and lay a solid foundation for full localization of components.

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