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Knowledge Of Banana Plugs

RCA plugs and Sockets: RCA plugs and Sockets but Geng is commonly used for transmitting connections unbalanced signals. Almost all audio equipment with RCA jacks, so that the same unbalanced signal cable connections. RCA sockets are always installed on the frame of audio equipment, while the RCA plugs are used for unbalanced signal cable plug.

XLR plugs and jacks: XLR Plug to a three-pin plug for balanced signal lines, on the XLR socket is mounted on the frame of audio equipment specifically for connect XLR Plug.

Terminal: in a power amplifier and speakers specifically for connection on speaker wire terminals.

Five-way binding posts: a can be inserted into the bare, forked lug or banana plug terminals. Most of the power amplifier and the speakers are equipped with this five-way binding posts on the back panel.

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