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FPC/FFC Connector For More Compact Consumer Products

Although combat by various macro-economic factors, the global connector industry is still growing, but growth slows slightly.

Due to the small size and flexibility, FFC connectors already in use more office equipment and household appliances. Various consumption electronic products and related of LCD parts, still is FPC/FFC connection device most important of application, with 3G increasingly popular, phone industry is its a big market, in addition, its application range also has extended to industrial field, as instrument, and car electronic, and medical equipment and military equipment,, Analyst believes, from emerging application of needs increasingly increased, will promoted the industry to annual 8-10% of speed growth.

Thinner and more about design research and development trend of small electronic products

Mainland China connector manufacturers supply a variety of mainstream FPC/FFC connector, includes SMT and DIP type. Mobile phone, PDA, digital cameras and other consumer electronics to thinner, smaller and versatile direction, so vendors need to provide spacing between smaller, more denser and PIN FPC/FFC connector.

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