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EC5 Battery Plugs

EC5 battery plugs, the plug's name comes from its bulging shape. Insert the multi-purpose socket positive hole mentioned above is very convenient, can also form a very large contact area after insertion. This makes it is preferred to use the high power output of the equipment are used to connect speakers and a receiver/amplifier. Sometimes you can see banana Plug connectors are divided into two groups, called dual banana plugs, but not all equipment (especially speakers) are available.

After World War II originated in Germany, the initial form consists of a base + a + a shell fragments assembled from the nails, because of its original shrapnel consists of sheet metal into four-leaf-shaped, inverted after assembling it into the nail and a peeling bananas into four pieces, like the so called banana plugs. Banana plug from its excellent electrical performance, simple packaging, low price products, was gradually applied to industrial equipment, teaching equipment, electrical testing, radio model, medical equipment, automotive testing, audio equipment and other fields.

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