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Connector Technology And Market Trends

The development potential of the global connector market remains high. In 2010, the connector output reached 46.8 billion, the market reached 51.5 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate will be 17% and 15% respectively. Thus, even under the shadow of the financial crisis, the connector market still has great potential for development.

Meanwhile, Asia has become the most potential connector market. Global Industry reports show that the Asian market will reach $ 6.4 billion in 2010, China will become the global connector's fastest-growing and largest market by 2010, the China connector market capacity reached 25.7 billion yuan, China connector market will continue to grow faster than the global average.

Application development in the field of new demands on the connector technology: high-speed, digital signal transmission and integration of products volume of small size, narrow pitch, multi-functional; convenient Plug and module combination; the low cost of the product.

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