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XT60 uses what is


XT60 (XT60 plug to XT60 connectors) development objective was mainly used on airplanes (as HM connector, battery plugs), fiery XT60 plug, battery, needs power products, are beginning to XT60 plug is used. XT60 plug is mainly used in the following ways:

1. RC airplane battery

Widely used in model batteries, used to charge the battery and connections electronic speed control. For example geruipu battery, spent batteries, Leopard batteries, lion battery, AE battery and so on.

2. the field of UAV

Widely used in unmanned helicopters, unmanned fixed-wing drones, unmanned rotary wing aircraft above, such as the DJI Elf, hot wheels, flip-Yun and other products.

3. areas such as model aircraft

Widely used in greater demand on the current cars, airplanes, boats. Comparison of these products, and require larger currents, are generally use a small current t RC airplane plug.

4. the unicycle and balanced vehicle field

Widely used in the wheelbarrow, balanced car intelligent electric vehicles, such as the above, mainly for the connection of the rechargeable battery pack.

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