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What is a crocodile clip?


Because its shape is like an alligator's mouth, teeth, hence the name Alligator Clip. There are many uses, most used in electrical equipment, used for clamping electrical conductors, and not necessarily used on electric.

First of all, in 1908, was United States Mueller Electric Miller electric invented, subsequently used in the automotive, telecommunications, electronics and medical industries, and developed a wide range of styles, is a kind of test tool accessories.

Modeling is a useful tool. Because of its variety of lips, and serrated joints can be firmly clamped to colorize parts, ensure that parts are not loose and on the tail of the clip while increasing the long handle so that it can be plugged into foam fixed in the model when painting, the parts paint becomes more convenient.

When used in the first Alligator Clips hold parts parts inside do not paint, so that it is not loose, long handle insert foam fixed at the other end, the parts to be painted a fix, then spray paint from left to right across the parts. Clips can also be good parts single airbrush paint.

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