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How to install Plug welded banana Plug and protector


Banana plug is an efficient circuit connectors, it has reliable connectivity, capable of carrying larger power (>1500W), which is widely used in model aircraft main power cable connection. But many of my friends still don't know much about welding and the use of methods, often using the wrong method to obtain better results.

Prepare a large clamp handle with elastic strap, front clamp automatically tighten to clamp stability plugs. Holes into the right amount of Tin solder, injected with the amount of welding wire diameter, diameter smaller than Tin, fewer large-diameter Tin to Tin wires after insertion does not drain as standard. Welding wire covered with a layer of Tin in order to facilitate the final welding, heating the soldering iron in the circle next to the plug hole, Tin holes in the Tin until completely melted, cables and plugs were completely soaked by Tin so far. Then remove the soldering iron, heat shrink tube on the package after you cool it, and heated with hot air gun, heat-shrinkable tube tightly wrap plug.

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