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Common RC airplane plug current resistance coefficient


In connectors of the model, model commonly used plug is nothing more than a few, EC2, EC5 plug, EC3 plug, t-plug, XT60 plug XT90 plug, XT150 plug, and so on. When we use these plugs, often because of excessive current causes damage to plugs and even a model. So, these plugs can withstand much current do?

EC2 plug 1.EC2 plug resistant 20A

EC3 2.EC3 plug to 30A current, peak 50A

3.EC5 plug 65A, peak 100A

4.T-plug a steady 30A, maximum up to 45A

5.XT60 constant resistance plugs 45A, maximum up to 100A

6.XT90 plug for sustainable resistance current 60A, peak 100A

7.XT150 plug sustainable 90A, peak 120A

Above is the common model plug and the plug of the battery current coefficients. Of course, the application of these plugs are not the same.

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