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Banana plugs can adapt to the environment is what?


Banana plugs are a more advanced type of power connector product, the material and the means of production is the use of advanced technology. It processed from high strength aluminum alloy materials, card-type slot connections, with small size, light weight, easy to use and so on. Widely used in electrical equipment and various types of equipment, line connection between the instruments. Environmental adaptability of the banana plug should be equal to the environment temperature and temperature rise of contacts and. In some specifications, connectors at nominal operating current the maximum temperature allowed is not the same.

Banana plugs while working in an environment containing moisture and salt, its metal structure, contact surface treatment layer may cause galvanic corrosion, affecting the physical and electrical properties of the connector. Banana plugs on the low frequencies, only apparent shielding effect of magnetic field of magnetic materials. Electrical continuity of the metal case has some provisions of the contact resistance of banana plugs or housing. Refers to the connector of the insulated part of the applied voltage presents a resistance value of a process.

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